About Me

My name is Shajee Aijazi, I’m a Product designer based in Toronto, who is passionate about creating and improving digital experiences. Over the span of my 10+ year design career, I’ve had the pleasure of working on some great digital products.

Design is not just about how great a person is at using design software. Creating a great design solution comes from a deep understanding of a problem. It’s not just about how beautiful an interface looks but also how it solves the business needs.

I aim for my design solutions to focus on not just the interface, but also the implications it has for the user and the business. This allows me to collaborate more effectively with all the stakeholders involved, so that I can truly create a solution that meets the business needs as well as the goals of the user. 

The user is always at the center of my design process. Whether that’s in the initial phases of discovering the user needs, or in the later stages of testing the design, it’s the user that validates everything. This ultimately results in increased engagement, enhanced brand identity and a digital product that adds value to people’s lives.

I attended Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture to study communication design and photography, which helped me develop visual storytelling and creative thinking